BFF Bootcamp Winter '24 Fat Loss Challenge

Official Rules

This will be a 6 week fat loss challenge to help you get back to a healthier way of living and maximize you ability to lose fat and tone muscle.

Registration Opens: 1/1/24
Registration CLOSES: 01/07/24 (no exceptions)

Measurements begin: 1/4//24. (Initial measurements must be supervised by a trainer)
Follow Up measurements dates (Thursday-Sunday): 1/21/24, 2/4/24, 2/18/24 (final measurements are mandatory for prize eligibility) ay 7am,8am,9am
Deadline for initial measurements/registration

Start date for challenge:  1/7/24
End date for challenge/Deadline for last score submission: 2/18/24

Group Seminar Dates: 1/7,1/21,2/4

Entry Fee

Price For Participation: $50. 

Challenge Goals

The purpose of this challenge is to help you get your nutrition habits back in order. Also my goal is to help you improve your aerobic capacity, strength, and productivity while optimizing your weight and body fat percentage. During this contest we encourage you to:

Exercise at least 3x a week using our live workouts, replays, or your own workouts and
Follow our nutrition guide.

How to we will keep you accountable/ How to win prizes

A free month of bootcamp will be awarded to the top 15% of the group based on progress
The following categories will be considered for a free month
1) Total Weight Lost
2) % BF Lost
3) Fat weight lost relative to total body weight 
4) % Of weight lost
5) Inbody score change
6) % Muscle gained

Accountability - Every 2 weeks, we will focus on improving two areas of health and fitness with the goal of stacking healthy habits to transform your health. We will have seminars every two weeks on Sunday to discuss the following Phases
Phase 1 - Water and Sleep
Phase 2 - Protein and Journaling
Phase 3 - Steps and Exercise


Upon Registration, clients will gain access to:

Nutrition Tools to download your calendar and ebook
Our WhatsApp Chat Group 
I understand that by registering for the Nutrition Reset I am authorizing BFF Bootcamp to charge my card on file a non-refundable fee of $49